Area of Expertise

By engaging in the following activities, we are dedicated to helping the technical institutions, student population, and professionals:

Global Conference

We put on conferences, seminars, networking gatherings, and panel discussions all around India. Our lectures span a variety of subjects and present the most recent concepts and technology. Industry executives and technological specialists congregate at conferences. They focus on the newest technology advancements and trends that are influencing the direction of virtual reality and augmented reality in the future. The BtoB-focused conferences offered by Laval Virtual are for anybody who wants to learn more about virtual reality and immersive technologies, master them, incorporate them into their value chains, or predict their evolution.

Online Workshop & Webinars

You have a convenient and entertaining alternative to continue your training from anywhere in the globe with online workshops and webinars. GERIns has partnered with top project experts, senior leaders, and renowned academics to offer their expertise and experiences in order to help you brush up on your skills and stay current.

International Seminars/Guest Lectures

Eminent business leaders are occasionally asked to give guest lectures or serve as resource people for various seminars and workshops. They communicate freely with curious students throughout the question-and-answer period while sharing their insightful experiences, enhancing their knowledge and widening their outlook.

Faculty Development Programmes

By giving faculty members ample opportunity to do research and take part in seminars, conferences, and workshops, the Program strives to improve the academic and intellectual climate at the Institutions. Faculty members might upgrade their research and teaching abilities by taking part in such a programme. The FDP makes use of a range of learning environments, including classrooms, workshops, and seminars, as well as a participative learning style. The case approach of teaching and learning is prioritised. Additionally, lectures, group activities, management games, and presentations are employed as teaching strategies. These techniques are supplemented by computers, statistical tools, and audio-visual aids. Participants are urged to gain knowledge of academic administration and curriculum preparation.

Publishing High Quality Research Articles

Even after a study is published, the research process is still ongoing. The task of assisting others in learning about and comprehending the study then begins. We strive to have a thorough review process and author services because we want to see you succeed at this step of your career.

Providing Global Membership

Our institution Global Education and Research Awards (GERA) provides Global Memberships which aims to provide an international platform for professional from the fields of arts, science, management, and technology to share their research, learn new updates in latest technologies and forward their skills for the welfare of students, researchers, faculties, industrialists etc.

Providing Global Awards

GERIns bestows honours on scholars and research institutions throughout the globe who have been recognised for remarkable accomplishments and who are significantly advancing their fields and improving society as a result.

Sharing PPTs Free

Online presentation sharing has always been quite difficult. Presentations are a constant requirement for us—at work, at school, for our employer and colleagues, and for investors. Thanks to the availability of many software tools, creating presentations is no longer a challenge. We provide a platform for all the users to share your work or academic content freely to others in the downloadable or jut in reading mode.

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