Global Memberships

Global Education and Research Awards (GERA) issues the memberships under the following four categories:


Global Student Membership

A student who is enrolled full-time in a college or university and majoring in mathematics, engineering, computer science, physical science, or who employs mathematical or computational techniques in any academic discipline is eligible to join GERA as a student member.

You can submit a projects or papers for consideration and have the opportunity to win awards and funding while gaining peer recognition for your efforts.


Global Professional Membership

A professional organization's membership is essentially a subscription. Most professional fields have at least one institution that offers services to help those who work there.

These professional associations provide members with events and services while advancing high standards and professional growth in the industry.

This implies that by telling employers that you are a member of a professional organization, you are also letting them know that you have received industry recognition. Your employers will respect the fact that you are serious about your field and devoted to a lengthy career if you are a member. in a few specialised sectors.


Global Senior Professional Membership

The highest grade that GERA members are eligible to seek for, Senior Membership, indicates maturity and experience in the workplace. For the Senior membership grade, GERA members may either put themselves forward or accept a nomination.

Prospective members who would like to apply directly for Senior Member grade must fulfil the basic requirements. 


Global Lifetime Professional Membership

Join the organisation as a lifetime member to continue travelling without interruption or concern over renewal. You also receive lifelong advantages.

Being a member of a professional organisation shows that you are up to date and capable of making wise selections.


These memberships are issued under the following sub-categories:

  • Arts
  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Management
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