All Journals are double blind peer-reviewed journal.

This statement indicates the ethical activities of all parties concerned in the act of publishing a manuscript for the journal.

(i.e.: the author, the editors, the peer-reviewers and the publisher)

The base of statement is on COPE's Best Practice Guidelines for Editors of Journal (

The existence of these standards for publication ensures qualitative scientific publications, public trust in scientific findings, and that providing proper credit to person for their ideas.

Ethics topics to consider when publishing:

Authorship of the paper

Only those who significantly contributed to the conception, design, implementation, or interpretation of the reported study should be given the right to sign their names to the manuscript.

Originality and plagiarism

The writers should make sure that their writing is wholly original and that, if they do utilise someone else's ideas or words, they have properly cited or quoted them.

Data access and storage

Authors may be required to provide the raw data associated with a publication for editorial review; they should be ready to make the data available to the public.

Multiple, redundant or concurrent publication

In general, an author shouldn't submit articles reporting basically the same study in more than one journal or principal publication. 

Source acknowledgement should be done correctly.

Conflicts of interest and disclosure

All submissions must disclose any and all relationships that may be seen as posing a conflict of interest. 

Fundamental mistakes in published works

It is the author's responsibility to swiftly tell the journal editor or publisher of any substantial errors or inaccuracies in their own published works and to work with the editor to withdraw or fix the article.

Reporting requirements

Authors of original research papers must include a truthful summary of the work done and an unbiased analysis of its relevance.

Use of patient photos or case information

Research involving patients or volunteers must get informed permission from all participants and be approved by an ethical committee. This approval must be recorded in the Book.

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